Where ever your journey takes you know that YOU are the one leading the way by the choices you make. Each decision you make no matter how big or small creates new steps on your journey. Sometimes these steps are experienced immediately and others are felt over time the key though is to know YOU are the one creating them. So, if you are the leader of your journey are you an active hands on leader or are you passive and hands off? An active, hands on leaders are aware that the choices they make are mapping out the journey. Whether the choices are “right” or “wrong”, “good” or “bad” does not matter. What matters is the fact that you are making conscious choices. That you choice to take an active role in your life. Many however, flow thru life as a passive leader. When leading your life passively you are unaware of the choices you are making or you may be afraid to make a choice so you let life happen to you. Take a moment and think of something that you believe in because someone else told you to or because those you surround yourself with believed it. Lets say that others are telling you that you could never be a pilot and you believed them. Now stop for a moment and examine that belief. Does it feel right to you? Have you experienced it to be true? You might say, well I have no experience flying so I can’t be a pilot so yes, it is true. But as you allow yourself to sit with that thought a little longer you decide that until you receive training others are correct you can’t be a pilot however YOU can change that by taking steps to obtain the training. Now you realize that the belief is not true for you and you can let it go. Making the choice to release that belief has shifted your journey. You are now taking an active role in your life! It really can be that simple, just being aware of the choices you make, knowing that making no choice is still a choice and that YOU are the only one who can steer you up and down the river of life. YOU are the one who will determine if you will travel blind and bounce off the rocks or get stuck in a sandbar or consciously choose to steer around them. For YOU are a leader and the one you are leading is YOU!

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