As you become bombarded by everyday life; work, home, family, etc. remember to take time out for yourself. It is especially important that you do this now as the stresses of your days have been building up. The longer you hold on to them the stronger they become and eventually they will manifest in physical form such as an illness, backache, or some dis-ease. Take time to to retreat from the world even if its only for 10 minutes so you may release the stress from your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Turn off that phone and turn up some relaxing music as you drive home from work. When the weather permits, sit outside for a few minutes at lunch and just watch nature. Take a relaxing bath with soft music and candlelight. All of these are wonderful ways to retreat and allow yourself to go inside so you may reconnect with your inner being and allow the worries and the stress of everyday life to float away. However you choose to retreat and relax is just right for you, so make a choice and do it today!

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