The time for “learning” is coming to a close, it is now time to step out and share all the wisdom you have gained. Although you are moving away from the active role of student, learning is not left behind. As you move forward in this part of your journey you will discover new opportunities of learning, that come from those you guide and teach. Do not be afraid little one as we are always with you, loving, supporting and guiding you along the way. Just as when you were ready the teacher appeared, when your students are ready they will find you. Just be open to receive them, allow yourself to open your heart and speak your truth. Those who need to hear your story, to learn from your experiences will be drawn to you naturally, there is no need to seek them out for they too are being guided. We will show them the way just as we showed you. We know you may be afraid however there is nothing to fear when you come from a place of love. Let yourself shine and know that yes, you can do it.

As you continue to move forward in this new path the doors are opening to a whole new community. We heard you calling out, searching for your family, your soul family. Listen with your heart, as you call out you will hear them answer. It may feel faint at first  yet it is getting stronger. Each and every moment you are coming closer to each other. Soon, sooner than you think you will be surrounded by your community, your family. Your heart will let you know when you have found them.

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