Open communication is the key for today! We all know open communication is good for any relationship, work, family, friends, but how often do you thing about open communication with yourself? Have you ever really had a conversation with yourself, not the “oh where did I put it this time” conversations but a true deep conversation like you have with friends or family. Well, if you haven’t there’s no better time than now! Have an open dialouge with yourself about what you are currently feeling. One that is full of observation without judgement. Journal or write a letter to yourself, allowing anything that comes up to be expressed freely. Remember to also communicate with your body. Your body is speaking to you all the time. When your body is hurting take a moment and stop what you are doing. Ask the pained area why is it screaming at you like an angry child?  What does it need? What is it scared of? What can you do to help it feel safe? When it answers you do more than just listen. Try what it is telling you. Your body took a lot of effort to get your attention and it does know what’s best for you. So trust in what it has to say.

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