Be aware as you go throughout your day as someone may be deceiving you. Pay attention to your intuition, it will let you know if what is being said or done is in your best and highest good. Now, here’s the kicker, the one who may be deceiving you may very well be yourself. Self-sabotage, sometimes we are aware we are doing this and choose to ignore it but many times we aren’t. Do any of these sound familiar? Dieting or exercising to loose weight while constantly berating yourself every time you look in the mirror; comparing yourself to others (looks, achievements, success, material objects, etc); when things start feeling good in a relationship you push the other away; or maybe you like to focus on the worst possible outcome in any given situation. All of these are ways that we deceive ourselves, we use these stories to justify our failure without truly giving ourselves a chance to succeed. So be aware today and notice when you are deceiving yourself  or allowing others to deceive you. Once you become aware of it the choice is all yours to continue letting it happen or make a stand and put a stop to it. Which will you choose?

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