Sometimes when we do the same thing or use the same tools each day we become comfortable with it and sometimes loose sight of the true meaning. So today I decided to break out a different animal deck to gain a different perspective on what Spirit wants us to know.

Be cognizant of your actions today. Are you making them from a place of guidance or emotion? Sometimes we find ourselves swimming in our emotions for so long that we become fixated on them and loose sight of the wisdom being offered to us. Allow yourself the opportunity to let those emotions float away. Open up and allow yourself to receive Universal wisdom/guidance. Notice when something catches your attention. Maybe its an overheard conversation, a passage you just happen to read from a book, or possibly a set of events leading you in a specific direction. These are just a few of the ways Spirit is guiding you. As you trust and follow this guidance be comforted in knowing that the steps you take are guiding you exactly where you are supposed to be.

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