Have you felt like you’ve been going thru life constantly in a hurry? If so then its time to slow down, allow yourself time to just be and reconnect with nature. We’ve been conditioned to live in a fast past society however it doesn’t have to be so. All it takes is a choice to stand up and say “Hey, I deserve to slow it down. I deserve to pace myself. I deserve to allow myself the opportunity to truly experience instead of rushing thru.” Then allow yourself the opportunity to do so.

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, I do take things fairly slow, I’m not feeling rushed, or what do I need to slow down for? If this is your case then you may want to contemplate how you handle your emotions. Do you quickly go thru the motions without allowing yourself to really experience and/or process the emotions? Or maybe you just stuff them down because you don’t have time to deal with them. When you restrict yourself from experiencing your emotions fully you create the opportunity for pain, anger or resentment to fester. This can happen whether you restricted yourself from experiencing positive or negative emotions.

Whether its emotions or just life in general there is no need to rush thru it, so allow yourself the time you need to experience all life offers you.

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