Grounding – no, it’s not what happens when you get in trouble! In this sense grounding is about being present, in the moment. Being grounded is a wondrous thing, one that many may not recognize because you’ve spent a great deal everywhere but here. Take a moment and think how often do you feel scattered, find yourself mentally out in space. Do you catch yourself saying “I need to recenter or regroup…” or maybe you feel an urge to get outside and connect with nature? These are all signs that you may be a bit ungrounded. When ungrounded you are just going thru the motions, life is not as fulfilling as it could be and you may find yourself in unusual experiences. Being grounded is more than just thinking clearly. It’s about truly being present, being focused solely on what’s in front of you. When grounded you’re not reliving the past or worrying about the future, you are experiencing the here and now. So what do you do when you find yourself floating off and becoming ungrounded? Well, for starters you may want to connect your body to the earth by placing your feet firmly on the ground. Some people like to get outside and play in the dirt so they have that physical connection to the earth plane. Others may like to hug a tree or pet/play with an animal. Finding something that requires extreme focus is another way. Oh and we can’t forget breathing, if you find yourself floating away remember to stop and take some deep breaths. As you do this allow yourself to quite the mind and draw yourself back to your center. When I’m really out there I also like to call on my angels and guides to help me bring back all parts of me that have taken off. I ask them to clear, heal and reintegrate those parts of me that had left so I can be whole and present again. Know that it is safe to be grounded and however you can bring yourself back to that state is perfect for you.

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