Are you one to give to others, many of us are. You may find joy in giving and that’s great but what about when you give and it brings you anything but joy? Why does this happen? Take a look at why you are giving. Are you doing so because you truly want to or because you feel it is expected of you? Or maybe you are giving because you expect something in return. When expectations are involved you are coming from a place other than love. Your giving then becomes a breeding ground for judgment, anger and resentment. The more you give in this fashion the more it builds up. The same can be said when you give so much of yourself that you forget to leave anything for yourself. When you do this continually and especially when you are not open to receive you eventually drain your supply. Not only can it build up the negative energies towards yourself and those you gave to it can also run you down physically and emotionally. Know that its OK to say no from time to time, to put yourself in a place to receive (either from yourself or others). Otherwise your giving will only build negative energy and no one wants to receive that.

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