For one to give another must be willing to receive. Today is all about finding the balance between the two within yourself. Are you willing to give yourself the love you so deserve and if so are you willing to receive it? Honor yourself first by nurturing your core being, filling yourself up with self love and caring for your body before you give to others. When you refuse to give to yourself first you will find that you exhaust your supply much more quickly. This exhaustion can manifest in many ways physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The more you refuse to give to yourself the longer it will take to replenish your supply. Eventually you may find yourself shutting down, withdrawing from the world, unable to move because you have nothing left within. Know that you have a choice, you do not have to let it come to this. Take a moment each and every day to give to yourself and allow, truly allow, yourself to receive and enjoy it. It may be as simple as sitting outside for five minutes watching nature or a beautiful sunset, honoring your body by doing yoga, hiking or some other form of physical activity. It may also be as profound as standing in front of the mirror and looking yourself in the eyes as you open your heart and tell yourself “I love you”. However you choose to give to yourself is just right for you. So, what will you give yourself today?

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