Only you can create the life you dream of! No one else has that ability because you are the only one that can experience life thru you. You have the ability to create a life that is beautiful and loving or one that is fearful, scared and hiding. Which would you rather live? If you’ve been hiding behind a mask maybe its time to let it go. Allow the world and yourself to see who you really are. Allow yourself to experience all that life has to offer. Allow yourself to take a risk. Making the decision to create what you want can be the most risky and fulfilling choice you ever make. Fantasies will stay fantasies unless you act upon them but given the chance they can turn into something more beautiful than you ever dreamed. Instead of dreaming about what could happen, take the steps to make it a reality. Now it may not turn out exactly as you pictured but it will always be what is perfect for you for that time. When you take the lead in creating your life you have the ability to change direction anytime you see fit. You are not relegated to following only one path. You have the option to try as many as you wish. Some may overlap each other while others may bring you back to where you started. No matter which way you go though you are always creating something new as your experiences bring you greater wisdom which you can not leave behind. Things may seem familiar yet they are different. Know that just because the outcome was one way before that doesn’t mean it will continue to be so this time because you are no longer the same. Give yourself the chance to create love for yourself, love for others. Open yourself up to receive, it won’t be as painful as you expected. In fact when you truly open yourself up and come from the heart it won’t hurt at all.

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