Did you know you are creative? Some don’t see themselves as creative but you are. Although most consider creativity as some form of the arts creativity is in all that you do. The moment you say, “ugh, this day sucks” as you get out of bed you are creating the vibration for a negative day. However, if you wake up and welcome in the beauty of the day, and truly mean it, you feel your vibrations lift and create the basis for a beautiful day. Each thought and feeling you carry with you throughout the day adds to the day you are creating (good, bad or indifferent).

Notice what you are creating because although it can be fun, like everything it has its shadow side. When you are create from a lower vibration (fear, struggle, pain, etc) what you create will reflect that vibration. So be aware of what and how you create, when you find yourself creating from a low vibration stop and observe how you may be able to shift it so the spark within you can shine and create from a space of love.

Creativity can come out in so many forms – clothing, cooking, landscaping, writing, planning, oh the list goes on and on. In fact the only limit to your creativeness is your imagination. So what do you plan on creating today?

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