Humans are magical creatures and many don’t ever realize it. They are able to create anything they like when they combine their thoughts and feelings. Many have unconsciously chosen to create fear, pain and suffering however that need not be the case. With just a little change in the ingredients they can create joy, laughter and love. If you feel yourself heading down a dark road imagine one thing, big or small that makes you happy. This could be anything, maybe its the coo of a newborn, puppy breath or sparkling eye’s smiling back at you. Whatever it is focus on it, allow it to permeate your whole being for however long you can hold onto it. Allow it to become your spark that lights the way. If it fizzles out know and trust that you can reignite it just by bringing it back into your consciousness again. Now some of you may feel that you have headed down that dark road for so long you are nowhere near the light. You may wonder, how can I create that spark where everything I feel is so dark and heavy. Try focusing on what it would feel like for some of that weight to be lifted from you. Imagine how it would feel to wake up without any pain or fear. Just focus on that one moment for however long you can. Notice how much lighter it makes you feel. Trust that each time you create that spark it builds upon the last and becomes stronger, brighter and shines longer. Know that YOU are the one creating it no one else. YOU have the magic within you to keep it going. YOU ARE WORTHY of Love, Joy and Happiness.  So, what kind of magic will you create today?

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