The world has been hurting for a long time. We have created many emotional wounds that run deep within each and every one of us. Some we have taken on from others, passed down from generation to generation. Others are newly created. All however can and will be healed if you allow it. Each and every one of you know what could be healed in your life. You may not know exactly how to do it and that’s ok because you have the love and support of others to help you thru. If you feel that those around you are not capable of supporting you in the way you need them to then look to others for guidance and support. Call on your Heavenly Beings to guide you to the one(s) that have the ability to help you thru. Although you may choose to do it alone it is not necessary nor will you be on your own because you have a vast network of celestial helpers just waiting for you to ask. They are sending you love, comforting you when you feel down, guiding you when you see no path. They know the pain you hold within and still love you just as one day you will love yourself. Life is to be enjoyed and how can you do that fully if you are still holding onto the pain of the past? Can you imagine a life full of love, laughter and joy for yourself? Right now that may seem so far away that you will never reach it, you can though by placing one foot in front of the other. Take the steps no matter how big or small towards that dream, that wonderful life that you so deserve. Each step you take moves you further from the pain of yesterday and towards the love and joy you seek. Each step you take helps you to release what no longer serves you which then allows you to be open to receive the love, joy and abundance the Universe is so ready to offer you. People wonder how can we heal the pain and fear in this world. Some think it can’t be done but it can. It starts by you choosing to heal yourself.

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