Well our dear friend Road Runner has been showing up quite a bit these last few weeks. Today I feel that he wants us to know that Laughter is one of the best medicines around. When you allow joyful humor to creep into the situation it always seems to lighten the load. Have you ever witnessed an argument and suddenly one person starts laughing? Pretty soon others join in, many times no one knows what started the giggle fest or why they joined in. After the laughter settles down everyone feels much better and the mood has shifted to a lighter vibration. Or maybe you have a boisterous 9 month old beagle who loves to chew on everything and get into the trash. You notice he’s in the laundry room trash and start getting irritated because you had to stop him from doing something else he wasn’t supposed to a few minutes earlier. You feel your frustration building as you walk over to him only to let it go as you bust into laughter because his face full of fuzz from the dryer lint that had been in there. You hadn’t planned it but you allowed humor to diffuse the situation and raise both your vibrations.

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