How are you at adapting to changes? Do you flow with them or fight them every step of the way? If it’s the latter then get ready for a bumpy ride! Changes are in the air and they are out of your control. These changes aren’t good nor bad, just different. Instead of fighting find ways to flow with them, adapt yourself to the situation at hand. Be open to new thoughts and beliefs. Look at the situation from a new perspective and know that all the resources you need are within your grasp. All you need to do is ask and be open to receive. Know that the Universe hears your request and is answering your prayer. Pay attention to all around you as those resources may come from the most unusual places. You may receive a message thru a song that gives you hope and strength to carry on. Or it may be an encounter at the store that leads you to someone who specializes in your situation. Just remember to be like the tree that bends in the wind, you may feel a bit tossed around as you are going thru it but you are still standing strong and tall when its all said and done!

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