Have you been rushing about your days while forgetting to experience life? We all seem to have those moments where we feel like there isn’t enough time. So we hurry and do this, hurry and do that and when we are done we are so exhausted we can’t enjoy what we originally wanted? Why do you hurry and rush about? Are you afraid that if you don’t things won’t get done? That you need to impress others or maybe you won’t be able to do what you really want. Well it doesn’t have to be that way! When you allow yourself to slow down and be in the moment you begin to notice magical things happening. Sometimes you feel as if time stands still and you accomplish much, much, more than when you rush. You allow yourself to fully experience the moment. When you slow down you open yourself up to receive the wisdom and guidance that you have been seeking. By letting go the need to hurry and rush you also let go the resentment, anger and frustration that usually accompany it. You begin to see the beauty around you and appreciate yourself and others more. Life is not a race to be rushed thru so you can be first to reach the finish line. Oh no, life is about taking things at a leisurely enough pace so you may experience it fully, see the beauty all around and gain the wisdom if has to offer.

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