Do you remember what it was like to have the sweet innocence of a child? Have you felt that in your life lately? If not you may want to work on bringing it back into your life. Try looking at life through the eyes of an innocent child. Through those eyes anything you imagine can become reality. What did you imagine your life would be like when you were a child? Did you dream of becoming a great explorer, a teacher, a writer, or maybe you just dreamed of having a beautiful life full of love and joy. What’s stopping you from making it your reality? If you dreamed or still dream of being an explorer then start doing it! It is as easy as exploring the city or state you live in. So maybe you dreamed of being a teacher, well guess what, you are a teacher! We all teach each other just by interacting with each other. Teaching doesn’t have to mean a school teacher. Look at the wisdom you’ve gained over the years and see how you can share that with others, teach by sharing your experiences. The innocent child believed in herself, she hadn’t allowed the world to push their thoughts and disbeliefs upon her, she listened to her spirit and could truly see what life could offer. Isn’t it time you let that innocent child back into your life?

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