Let the innocence of your inner child shine through today – get out and Play! Remember back when you were a child and you used your imagination to create happy fun filled adventures. That little dirt pile you used to climb up would turn into Mount Kilimanjaro and you were a famous explorer. Or maybe you would sit in the laundry baskets in the back yard and blast off to the moon or somewhere in space. When you were doing those things you really felt you were there – you could see it in your minds eye. Nothing has changed now that you are grown up. You can still imagine and play. As you make dinner tonight imagine yourself as a world famous chef preparing dinner for royalty or your favorite celebs. Or as you try to figure our why your budget isn’t adding up you become a detective and you are on the case of the missing costs. The best way though is to give yourself time to truly play – let the everyday world fall away as you tap into your inner child, imagine and enjoy whatever it is you dream up.

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