Hal Brindley / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Is there a situation in your life where it is time you made a stand? The size of the situation has no relevance it is the choices that you make. You can choose to stand up for yourself, let others hear you speak your truth in a loving and compassionate way. Or, you can continue to allow them to push you around, walk all over you, tell you who you should be. The first choice may feel scary and unimaginable however could that fleeting feeling be any worse than what you already are feeling, what you would continue feeling if you didn’t make a stand. Whether the others change or not is not the purpose of making a stand. It is all about you believing in yourself, believing that you and only you knows what feels right for you. That you and only you can live your life. So you and only you can determine how you will live it.

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