How much of your life do you spend complaining? Now, how different could your life be if you spent that time recognizing the positives in your life?  Yes, sometimes it may feel difficult to find positive things in your life but they are there. Just look for one thing at this moment that is a positive. So how do you do this? Well one thing I can do is instead of complaining that my house is a mess I can be thankful that I have a one and can afford to purchase the items that are messing it up. Maybe you don’t particularly care for your job, instead of complaining about all that you perceive as bad you can focus on the fact that you are working and it is helping you support yourself until you find something better. For those who are in pain or have been hurt in the past, find the one glimmer of light in your life, maybe at this moment you are free of pain. Instead of complaining about all the pain you’ve been feeling focus on the fact that it isn’t there right now. As you shift your focus to the positive you become more aware of those positive moments, things, feelings etc in your life. As you focus more on the positive you start to loose sight of the negative you surrounded yourself with and that my friend is a GOOD thing! As the Law of Attraction says, what you focus on you attract. I don’t know about you but I would much rather attract more positive in my life than the negative. So THANK YOU Universe for sending me this message of hope that Yes! I can experience a beautiful, loving, positive filled life and I can start by choosing to focus on the blessings instead of complaining!

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