Do you ever feel like you just need a space to call your own? One where you can allow yourself to relax and just be? Today is a perfect day to create such a space. Look around you either at home or work or maybe both and find that special place to call your own. Let your body guide you to it. This space may be a corner in your office where you can place some of your most treasured items, maybe its a whole room in your home, or could it be a tree at the park where you can close your eyes and listen to children playing. Whatever or wherever it is if it feels right for you then it is. If you can, decorate it with items that feel precious to you, clear the energy around it by saying a prayer or blessing, smudging or how ever you are drawn to. Allow yourself some quiet time in your sacred space each day. Time where you can relax and let the world just float away.

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