As we go thru life we sometimes find ourselves in uncomfortable territory. This may happen at any time in our relationships, work, health or at home. The beauty in life though is that we can get thru it! Sometimes in order to do so we have to put on another face, become someone we may not feel we are but know we can be. This may seem near impossible to some but we do it all the time. Think of a time when you took a new job, you didn’t know how to do everything yet stretched yourself to achieve all that was required. As you did so you eventually became that person you knew you could be. Using Opossum energy can become quite useful when emotions become heated. Its not to say you act maliciously, no, just put on a new face to dispel the situation and allow the parties involved to cool down before talking things over again. As you go thru emotional clearing, call on Opossum to infuse you with his energy so you can act as if you feel positive about yourself until you truly believe it. Or ask him to help you stretch yourself to your fullest capacity so you can reach your goals.

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