Its time to take charge of your life! Instead of allowing others to dictate your life make a stand for yourself, claim the power that lives inside and show the world who you are. Be confident that when you follow your intuition you know what is best for you. Your spirit will always lead you to where you need to be. Allow that confidence to flow into your everyday activities whether its shoe shopping, signing up for classes or buying a new home. Give yourself the opportunity to stand up and be heard. This may feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning but as you do it notice the energy coursing thru you, freeing you from the limitations you placed upon yourself. Know that if you allowed others to speak over you in the past you may feel resistance from them. Just dig in your heels, reach deep down inside and let yourself roar with confidence. Know that whether others listen or believe in what you say or do doesn’t matter as long as you believe in yourself.

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