Let any fears you have about not being strong enough fall away. You have the power and strength to be anything/anyone you want. Allow yourself to tap into the energy. Let it fill you up with the strength you need so you feel worthy, deserving, and loving. This strength is the power within that can assist you in leaving toxic relationships, standing up for yourself, going for that job you desire, or letting the Universe know you know you are worthy! There is no need to look for it elsewhere because its right there within you, it always has and always will be. Take a few moments and allow yourself to go within, seek out your inner power and observe it. You may be surprised to see you’ve been tapping into it all your life, you just weren’t conscious of it. Now that you are becoming aware of it, calling it forth becomes easier. You are able to recognize how it works in your life, how it guides you and keeps you strong. This power, this strength is what keeps you going when you feel as if you can’t go any further. Its the resolve to break free of the binds that tie you. Its the drive that propels you forward, reminding you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So embrace your inner power and know that you have all the strength you need at your disposal, just look within.

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