What can you do today to stand in your power? Let go of the fear that is holding you back. This is so simple and yet one of the hardest things humans can do. Letting go of the fears, worries, doubts doesn’t mean ignoring them. It means you acknowledge them for what they are – just words, thoughts. You heard them at one time and decided to hold onto them, sometimes consciously, many times unconsciously. You have spent so much of your life focusing on these negative beliefs that you have forgotten what it is like to focus on the positive. So try for just 10 seconds to focus on one positive aspect in your life whatever it may be. It could be the way your eyes light up when you smile or the unconditional love you feel around a newborn baby or animal. Whatever it is focus on that feeling and let it fill you up for as long as you can. Anytime the fear, doubt or worries start to creep up, say to yourself “I chose to hold on to these negative feelings and now I choose to let them go.” As you let them flow out of your mind tap into the positive feeling again and let it flow throughout your entire body. Notice the shift in how you feel. Instead of the heaviness or darkness you feel lighter and more free. Know that each time you do this that positive shift will become stronger and in Divine time the fear, worry and doubts will no longer be. This is YOU taking back YOUR POWER!

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