Nothing, and I mean nothing, is impossible unless you decide that it is. I know, that’s a pretty big statement to make however I do believe it is true. Think of all you have accomplished in your life that at one time you thought was impossible. You may not have used those exact words but you may have wondered just how the heck is this going to happen, can I really do it? Then you surprise yourself by actually doing it. Now, whats the difference between making the impossible reality or not? First there is belief. Believing that it can happen, you can do it, that others can do it whatever “It” is. When you believe you also add emotion to it as well, granted that emotion can be positive or negative so be aware of which direction you’re setting up the impossible for. The second step to making the impossible possible is action. You can sit there all day long and dream about something but unless you take some sort of action (big or small) it just stays a dream. So instead of dreaming about asking someone out, take a chance and do it. If there’s  a job you want apply for it and/or seek out the training you need to obtain it. Like the lottery people keep saying, you can’t win if you don’t play! Now open yourself up to receive and trust that in Divine timing it will happen in a way that is perfect for you. The interesting thing is sometimes we get stuck thinking that everything has to happen exactly as we want it, when we want it. The Universe sends us gifts constantly that would fulfill our dreams however we close ourselves off to them because they don’t appear in the manner we envisioned.  What we fail to realize is that although the packaging may be different it’s exactly what we wanted, sometimes its even better than what we wanted! So go out there and see what impossible things you can create today!

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