Nothing is impossible, if you can dream it, it can be! How many times throughout the day do you say “oh that’s impossible”? Well its not, all you need to do is believe and dream and it can happen. Think about this, if 100 years ago someone told you that, you could hold a contraption in your hands the size of a deck of cards and use it to communicate with someone else on the other side of the world, what would you say?  You probably would have said that’s impossible and yet today most of us can’t imagine living without our cell phones. The moment we have a thought about something its possible. What makes it possible is the action we take, the feelings we pour into it and our beliefs about it. Think about one of your greatest accomplishments – when you first embarked on it did you think you could do it? When it was just a thought you may have put it out of your mind thinking “oh there’s no way I can do that.” At that time it was probably true but for some reason you were determined to make it happen. You focused on it happening and the the joy it would bring. You took whatever steps were necessary to see it thru and then one day it happened. That’s really how the impossible becomes possible. The same philosophy can be applied whether you’re thinking its learning how to ride a bike or creating an environmental friendly, renewable energy source. Remember anything is possible, all you need is a spark of inspiration, nurture it so it can grow, take action to bring it to fruition and trust that it can happen. So what impossible things are you going to make possible today?

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