Messages are coming your way are you ready, willing and able to receive them? The beauty about messages from the Divine is they come in all manners. If you listen closely you may hear them whispered to you on the wind. You may feel them in the warmth of the sun. As you wake up you may be singing a song in your head that has nothing to do with the one on the radio or TV. Listen to those words, pay attention to the feeling for there is a message in there if you are willing to seek it out. Be open to the possibility that you are being guided every step of the way and that the guidance may come in all shapes and sizes. The urge to turn left two blocks earlier than normal may guide you away from an accident or snarled traffic. Worrying about how a situation is going to turn out then looking over and seeing a license plate or bumper sticker that says “Hope” is more than coincidence. So as you go throughout your day today pay attention to all around you for the answer to your prayer is there waiting for you to receive it.

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