As you go thru life do you ever notice a pattern. Things may have changed some but the underlying theme is still the same. These patterns show up for a reason and not necessarily so you repeat them. When you become aware of the patterns and the underlying reasons why you repeat them it gives you the opportunity to break the pattern. To move forward with new energy. To become stronger within. Instead of resigning yourself to always repeating the pattern know that you have the power to change it.  The awareness of the pattern has opened the door for you to do so. Lets say your pattern is that you believe you have to keep your true feelings to yourself. You feel that if you share them you will just get hurt, so you just shove them down. Well as soon as you become aware of this happening again you have the opportunity to stand up for yourself. Make your feelings known and let others know you are worthy of speaking your truth. It doesn’t matter if the others agree with you, what does is the fact that you chose to change. That you decided enough with this pattern. It is outdated and it no longer serves you and you took action to make it so. The moment you make that change no matter how big or small you start dissolving the pattern. You shift the energy around the situation. Does that mean the pattern will no longer show up? Not necessarily. You may still have instances where the potential for it to repeat appear but you are much more aware and know how to change it if it does.

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