Do you feel as if you are repeating patterns over and over again in your life? I believe things repeat in our life not only so we can grow and move past them but also so we can see just how much we have grown. Each time a situation presents itself you are able to look at it from a new perspective. It may feel exactly the same as it did before but something is different. Maybe the situation doesn’t last as long, maybe it doesn’t hurt as much or maybe, you are experiencing the joy in the situation longer than you did before. Whatever the situation, the fact that it has repeated gives you a chance to change the outcome – make it something you desire because whether you know it or not YOU have the power to make your life whatever it is you want it to be. So think of the past experiences, would you like this one to be different? If so then shift your view a little, take control of the reins and make it so!

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