You had been swimming in the murky waters for so long until you woke up and realized it no longer served you. The moment you woke up you started your healing. Slowly, bit by bit, layer by layer, you unburdened yourself. You released the thoughts, fears, and beliefs that were holding you back. Some of it was never even yours to begin with but you heard it for so long you made it yours. That is behind you now, for you awoke and made the choice to let them go. As each layer falls away you feel yourself become lighter, more joyful and loving. Those around you suddenly appear to do the same for they are reflecting the changes in you. And those who don’t you may have noticed are falling away, so they can make room for those who match you in your lightness. Those murky waters had weighed you done long enough. You may be feeling physical changes as you purge the toxic energy from your body. Resist the urge to fight it, allow yourself to process it all, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. For this too shall pass. Don’t be afraid as you experience these changes, sometimes they may feel scary because it is different. But different doesn’t have to be bad or scary, it is just something new. Be proud of yourself for loving yourself enough to take a chance and exit the murkiness so you may discover the beauty of you!

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