Leadership. Sometimes in being a leader you may feel as if you are out on your own, blazing new paths where no one has gone before, wondering if anyone will follow. In those moments remember to surround yourself with those who love you. Open up to receive their loving energy and know that YES you can do it. Sometimes being a leader means taking a risk and allowing others to see. Sometimes the risk will turn out they way you had hoped or even better while other times it may not be so fruitful. What matters though is you took a chance, you felt strongly about it and saw it thru. Even when things don’t turn out like you hope you are able to learn from the experience and take that wisdom forward as you continue blazing a new path for yourself. How many you have following is not important as long as you move forward in your truth. Those who resonate to you will be attracted and follow your lead and the beauty of it is, when you need a break one of them will step up and continue leading the way. True leaders understand its ok to allow others to lead from time to time. True leaders know its the journey that matters.

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