Dragonfly is back again! This time however she is asking you to delve into your emotions. Instead of being rational all the time take an emotional look at the situation. Are you allowing yourself to truly feel the emotions that are surrounding your life right now or do you stuff them down telling yourself someday I will allow myself to feel this. Well there’s no better time than now because all there is is now! Find a safe quiet place where you can explore what you tucked away. Its ok to feel nervous and unsure of what you will uncover that’s part of the process. If you are scared to do it alone ask someone you feel safe with to hold space for you and be a witness to your growth. Its ok to start out slowly, just dipping a toe in, however you may find yourself unexpectedly jumping in full force. As you delve deeper into your emotions allow yourself to fully experience them without interruption. Your witness may want to jump in and comfort you with a hug or a tissue however that can stop the process so you may need to request your witness to refrain from comforting you until you ask. Know that you’ve spent many years stuffing them away so it may take several sessions to process them all and that’s ok. Spirit will call to you when its time for you delve into them some more.

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