Pain and dis-ease is an illusion. It is something we in physical form manifest in order to make us stop doing something that is no longer in our best and highest good. How many times have you known you need to take a break and get some rest however you felt that time could come later. Then you suddenly get the flu, a migraine, or hurt yourself in some way that all you can do is rest? The body is not failing you at those times. Oh no, your body is speaking to you. Sometimes yelling at you that it is time to stop resisting and allow change to happen! Dragonfly wants you to look thru the illusion and discover what the pain and dis-ease is truly about so that you may heal on all levels not just the physical symptoms. If you are unsure how to go about discovering the true reason’s for your pain and dis-ease look at the words you use each day and the feelings you associate with them. If you have issues with your sciatica think about how many times you may have angrily said something is a pain in my ass. That negative feeling you continue to hold on to has manifested into a pinched nerve in your back side. So as you heal the physical dis-ease also see how you can release the negative feelings as well so you heal completely. Two wonderful books to help you see thru the illusion of pain and dis-ease are Louise L. Hay’s Heal Your Body and Heal Your Life.

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