This morning I had the beautiful song Gentle With Myself by Karen Drucker float thru my mind which fits beautifully with this card. Many times we have no problems showing gentleness to others however we sometimes forget to show it to ourselves. Do you tend to set unrealistic goals or make mistakes then beat yourself up for not doing better? Many of us do, so next time instead of beating yourself up you may want to try a more gentle approach. Remind yourself that you are still learningĀ  and as you go thru life each mistake whether big or small is an opportunity to learn and grow. Take what you learned from it so the next time you are in a similar situation you can make different choices. Also, be kind to your body. Recognize when you are pushing it harder than you need and allow it to rest. Nurture it with healthy foods and gentle environments. Notice what you are sensitive to and eliminate the harshness in your life (situations, relationships, foods, chemicals, etc). As you treat yourself with kindness and gentleness you will witness a shift in your life. You will start attracting more of it from the outside world because you have recognized and believe that you ARE worthy of it!

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