Do you notice the contrast in your life? Do you ever wonder why we choose to have so much contrast? Well think about it for a moment, without the dark would you notice the light? Without the contrast we experience in life how would we know what it is we like/want vs what we don’t like/want? Sometimes even though we experience the contrast and know we prefer something different we continue to experience it. Why? Well each of us is different but here are a couple reasons that I believe cross all paths. First, if all you do is focus on what you don’t want that is all you will attract (Law of Attraction). Second, sometimes we forget that we are worthy of greatness, joy, happiness and love, so we close ourselves off to receiving what we want. The contrast really isn’t good or bad, it’s just a tool to guide us in the direction of what we want. It shows us what we could shift inside us so we can experience life differently. So instead of wallowing in what you don’t want when the contrast rears its head, take the opportunity to recognize it for what it is. Thank the Universe for giving you this gift and awareness. Then shift your energies to what it is you desire.

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