The Law of Cause and Effect or as some people call it Karma. This law is all about what you put out to the world you bring back in to your life, good, bad or indifferent. This spiritual law impacts us all each and every day although many times we never think about it. If we did would society as a whole continue carrying out many of the acts they have been doing. I would hope yes on some of those acts, like sharing, helping those in need, caring about the planet and seeing all its inhabitants as one. As I sit here I keep thinking one of the greatest examples of the Law of Cause and Effect is the media. As the media bombards the world with stories of fear, pain and struggle, society absorbs the fear, pain and struggle. Then the people talk about it. It becomes the focus of their day. As society latches on to the negative energy they then push it out to the Universe while unconsciously saying “I want more of this” so the Universe does what it always does – respond by giving back what we’ve asked for. What happens when the media shows more upbeat stories about love, hope and kindness. You may notice that society responds with love, hope and kindness. You may even start to notice similar stories or have uplifting experiences. Its because you are focusing on the lighter side of life and sending out those vibrations which in turn come back to you stronger than you sent them. So as you go thru each day take a moment to understand what you are sending out to the Universe. Ask yourself, is this something I would like to receive? If not, then explore what you can do differently so you can enjoy what comes back.

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