You’ve been running for so long now, do you even realize what you are running from? Black Panther is here to infuse you with her energy so you have the strength to turn around and face your fears. Don’t be surprised if what you discover is a fear of the unknown. Why does the unknown have to be something bad or unwanted? Wouldn’t it feel much better if the wonderment of the unknown was based in joy, happiness and love instead of fear, suffering and pain? It’s time to let go of the fear that is imprisoning you, restricting you from reaching your full potential. Black Panther is a beautiful animal and is the embodiment of the unknown. She moves gracefully thru life and stands strong in her power. She asks that you let her take away your worries of the unknown so you too can move thru life with grace and stand strong within your power. So release those fears that have been controlling you for so long and trust that you are moving towards something beautiful, a stronger more powerful YOU!

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