Get to work Lightworker for the time is now! You know what you have been procrastinating about and the longer you do the more daunting it will feel. So why not just do it? Quit filling your time with meaningless busy work just so you can say “Oh, I ran out of time, I’ll do it another day.” This is yet another way to procrastinate and resist the wonderful changes that are coming your way. Many times our fear of what it will be is much worse that what it truly is. Once it’s said and done you will look back and think, “that wasn’t as bad as I thought, what took me so long to do it?” So whatever it is, get going and do it! Tell that person you are sorry, or that you love them. Take that next step to creating the career or business you’ve dreamed about. Or let down those walls and let those you care about see the real you. Whatever it is take purposeful, focused action. As you do you may find more time to enjoy life instead of running/hiding from it. When you do, fill it with the rest you so need and deserve. Rejuvenate your spirit by surrounding yourself with loved ones and enjoying life!

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