The path to love and happiness is within. To find that path try following your internal guidance system. This system will guide you to all you desire if you choose to follow it. Even when you choose not to follow it, it still is guiding you. This system knows what experiences are best for your growth and expansion. Sometimes when you choose to to against it the experiences may feel difficult or even painful but it doesn’t have to be so. When you listen to it and trust it life does run more smoothly. Now that’s not to say you no longer have difficult moments but when you do have them you may find they become shorter and less intense. So what is this internal guidance system and how do you tap into it. Well, its your soul, your true essence. No matter what you do your soul is always with you because you are a part of it. Your soul knows all that you are here for even if your conscious self does not. Your soul understands how the situations you find yourself in can work out for the best because it sees the big picture. You can tap into your soul by listening/following your intuition. Trust that the soul will always guide you from a place of love. It is always there working to guide you along your path even when you aren’t aware. So when you feel lost and unsure which direction to take, stop for a moment. Allow yourself to find a calmness and go within, connect with your soul and receive the guidance that is perfect for you. Trust in what was given to you and follow it thru for it will always lead you to where you are to be.

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