We have all been experiencing a shift within ourselves and our lives.  Some are more profound than others. Bat has joined us today to help us through the transitions. Pointing us to follow our inner radar as it guides us on this journey of life. As we become aware of the fears that have been holding us back Bat asks us to turn around and face it head on. By facing it and seeing it for what it truly is (just thoughts/beliefs of the unknown) we are able to release them. Once you recognize how they have been holding you back you can choose to let them go and create new thoughts/beliefs that will better serve you. Change is upon us, it always has been and always will be. You can choose to resist by living in your fears thus experiencing change as painful or you can choose to embrace it by finding the positive within and know that you are growing if not at a physical level then a mental, emotional or spiritual level. Although you may feel at times as if you are going thru life “blind as a Bat”, remember they trust their inner guidance and allow it to guide them on their journey and trust that it will always show them the way home.

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