As we go thru life there are times when we feel overwhelmed by the enormity of it. We may let the enormity of it control our focus instead of shifting it to a smaller more manageable portion.  You’ll notice the Ant doesn’t try to carry the whole plant back to its home. Oh no, he breaks it off into smaller pieces. Yes, it may appear to be larger than he is but he trusts that he can handle it no matter what obstacle comes his way. He knows that to be successful he must honor his current limitations and that each time is unique, what he couldn’t do today he may be able to do tomorrow. We can do the same thing. For instance, instead of worrying that you’ll never be able to maintain happiness see what you can do to be happy for right now because all that really matters is now. Tomorrow’s not here and yesterday is gone so focus on what you can accomplish in this moment. As you focus on the manageable pieces you’ll find that you can accomplish more than you first thought you could!

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