You know, we get so caught up in wanting the answer right now that we forget to allow the situation to sink in. We forget that sometimes the answer comes in the experience of processing. Giving ourselves the chance to just sit and digest our experiences allows us a much greater insight into what is truly happening. Think about the recent miner rescue. Yes, we wanted everyone to be saved from the danger immediately but what did the delay create? We were able to witness groups of people put aside their differences and band together to help one another. We were able to witness the compassion grow in our hearts for those who were lost and cutoff from the world. Had the rescue happened quickly the experience may not have had the same impact. So instead of looking for the quick answer allow yourself to really mull over the issue. Let it churn a bit so you can view it from many angles. Really sit with it and feel what is in the best and highest good for all involved. The quicker route may get you to the same destination however many times the longer route is much more beautiful.

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