It’s time to let the heaviness go and enjoy the beauty life unfolds before you. Allow yourself the opportunity to sing, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Notice the song the love in your heart sings to you. It has always been there even when you didn’t hear it. Feel it fill your life with grandeur.

Get out there and dance the most beautiful dance life has to offer, the one that only YOU can create. As you twirl around feel the heaviness fly off of you and thank the Universe for transmuting it. Feel yourself engulfed in light. Not the harsh spotlight you used to shine on yourself but the soft loving, comforting light from within!

Play like you were a child again. Dig in the dirt; make mud pies or sand castles on the beach. Remember what it was like to allow your imagination to create a magical world for you. IT STILL CAN! Go ahead and kick off those shoes and splash in the puddles with glee.

Infuse your life with love, laughter, joy and happiness!

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