Although there are times where you feel you do not have the strength to make it thru, we are here to tell you, YOU DO! You have all the stamina you need if you will just allow it to flow. There is no race to make it to your true goal, for you will reach it in Divine time. Allow yourself the opportunity to set a pace that will allow you to reach it without running yourself ragged. Know that you are on the leading edge, you have not fallen behind and you never will for YOU are the true leader of your life. Take a moment and look at where you’ve come from. All those past moments where you thought it was the worst time in your life and you would never make it thru. Now, look at where you are and applaud yourself for you did make it thru! You are here today and you survived countless experiences that you thought were the worst experiences you would ever encounter in your lifetime. What got you thru? YOU DID! You reached within and tapped into that inner strength, you found a pace that would work for you (even when you thought it wouldn’t) and you lead yourself out of the darkness and into the light!

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