When you truly decided to move towards your goals nothing can hold you back from achieving them. When you believe in yourself, your fears loose their power over you, the naysayers words fall onto deaf ears, and the red tape disappears. Why? Because you won’t let them. Your belief that you can achieve your goals is the driving force because when you believe that you can do it you release the fears that were holding you back. You raise your vibration to a higher level so the Universe responds with bringing situations to you that are in alignment with your vibration. You move thru life with a purpose, with a strong energy that you won’t let anything get in your way. Oh, others may try but when your belief is strong and unwavering there is no stopping you.

Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride

Nobody gonna slow me down, oh no

I got to keep on movin’…

As I pulled the card this morning, a portion of these lyrics popped into my mind. I could not remember the name of this song, who sung it or most of the words but I was bound and determine to find the lyrics because I knew there was a message within them. A message I had to share. It took me a few minutes and I finally found the name of the song. Once I looked at the lyrics I knew why I only a few lines came to me – they were all that mattered. They were the message, a reminder to not let anything stand in your way or slow you down as you reach towards your goals, you just keep on moving and you will get there.

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