It is so easy in this material world to get caught up in the materialism of giving. Sometimes though, all a person really wants is a hug, a smile, or believing eyes. These things can be given freely over and over throughout the day. They won’t drain you of any of your assets and when given freely from the heart they will fill you up with unconditional love. Are you ready to start giving? OK then it’s time to try it out on the one person you spend most of your day with. No, its not someone in your family, coworkers or best friend, it is YOU! Take a moment to look in the mirror, without judgement, look into your eyes and allow yourself to see who you really are. Allow yourself to smile at your beautiful soul and allow yourself to receive the most precious gift you could possibly share – unconditional love.

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  1. This is great! I truly enjoyed reading this one! When I look @ myself,so many times I’ve seen a little monster or as the saying goes,”The Ugly Duckling.” Now,you’ve made me realize,I too,am beautiful,special and gifted. I am now a gorgeous,loving and caring Swan! Hugs to you every single day! May I have a hug too?

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