What has been keeping you from your goals and desires? Now, what have you been doing to reach your goals and desires? Are the things you have been doing in alignment with them? Sometimes as you are in the everyday drama of life you may think you are working towards those goals, desires, and when you take a step back and look at them from a higher perspective you realize otherwise. It is time to sharpen your senses and bring your focus in. Think of an Eagle soaring high above suddenly swooping down and picking up a tasty morsel. His senses have been honed so he could spot that tasty treat from way up in the sky. He focused on it never letting it fall from his sight as he put all his energy into diving down so he could obtain it. Have you been putting that kind of energy into your goals? If not, then it is time to shift things around. Discover the first step needed to bring them to fruition and place your focus on it. Release the thoughts that it will never happen because you can do it if you will allow yourself the opportunity to do so. Make it a priority each day to focus on that step and once you have accomplished it or as you are accomplishing it the next step will appear and before you know it the step you are focused on is the last one needed to reach your desires.

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