OMG – I had pulled my morning card (Otter) and was writing about playing and enjoying life all the while wondering where Buddy was. I hear the doggie door swing open and in he walks with a bird in his mouth! :Amazed: AAAAACCCCCKKKK, I scream like a girl and tell him to drop it and he does. I’m shocked that he listened to me then realized I didn’t want him to drop it at my feet. Eww! Now I have a dead bird at my feet and in the house nonetheless! I look at him and tell him, that’s not what I meant, take it outside. Of course he decided to stop listening to me again, well maybe not, I didn’t trust him enough to give him a chance to take it outside so I quickly grab it. Thank goodness I dropped the dust rag on the floor a few days ago and still hadn’t picked it up. :THANK-YOU: Then I took it outside, apologizing to the bird for whatever it went thru. I was a little sad I couldn’t give it a proper burial however I think it’s spirit understood. Needless to say after all that I couldn’t get back into writing what I had been – the energy had definitely shifted. Oh but then I realized he was living the energy I was writing about as I was writing. He was outside playing and enjoying himself and he wanted to share that with me. The problem was I couldn’t see it at the time because it wasn’t the type of playing I enjoy. I wonder how often that happens with others – how they want to share in something they enjoy and are so excited that they don’t realize the other person may not enjoy it. Or, flip it around and how many people think another is annoying them only because they can’t see that the person is really wanting to share the fun and joy they are experiencing.

P.S. Now I understand why my dog card was facing up while I was shuffling. I knew it wasn’t the card of the morning but needed to pay attention to it – and Buddy definitely got my attention!

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